Frequently Asked Questions

I get my house/workplace cleaned everyday. Do i still need to get my house/workplace cleaned by experts?


Daily cleaning usually includes broom cleaning and wet mopping of floors along with some basic dusting. It neglects those critical areas and places that are not accessible, not practical to clean due to lack of time/expertise/tools or due to limited understanding on how to clean such areas. Over a period 30-45 days, accumulation of dirt and filth creates an unhealthy and unwelcoming environment. Studies have shown that poor hygiene not only leads to poor health but also increases susceptibility to illnesses, as we grow older. It also impacts the overall well being of children and can also lead to growth disorders in children. Common health problems like asthma, food poisoning, flu, etc. has also been related to unclean environments.

Usually, we cannot see or realize the existence and a potential threat from such germs and bacteria. For example, studies have shown that a kitchen sink is likely to have more bacteria (e.g. e-coli) than your toilet bowl! This is because of left over food particles along with the wet and moist environment that serve as a breeding ground for bacteria. Or for that matter, according to another study done, 26% of bathtubs had presence of bacteria (staphylococcus) in them that could lead to diseases. Did you also know that bed bugs and dust mites are a perennial problem in warm climate like ours and are the main cause of skin rashes and allergies? There are numerous such issuesthat are not taken care by the daily cleaning but needs immediate attention.

Deep Cleaning or Professional Cleaning, however, is based on years of scientific research and practical implementations. Its processes have been devised based on a thorough understanding of commonly neglected areas, types of germs and bacteria that are commonly found in an interior environment, risk of an unclean environment and safe, effective ways of eliminating such health hazards. It also is a result of an expert understanding of various types of cleaning equipment, cleaning agents, best-in-class techniques and time management. All this results in a service that ensures never-before cleanliness and your premises free of dirt and filth.

How often should I get my house/workplace professionally deep-cleaned?

Frequency of any service depends on the type of service, the external environment and the nature of use of the premises. For example, we recommend using our standard deep clean package at-least once a month. However, for example, if your home/workplace is in an area with a lot of under construction projects, then accumulation of dirt and germs will be faster and might require deep cleaning more frequently. Further, if your premises is used more ‘actively’ or say, has children living in it, then your house needs such services more often. Click here to learn more about potential health hazards and benefits of a clean and productive home and workplace.

What are the various service packages and add-ons that you offer?

We offer a host of services and add-on services that help you live your life happier and healthier! Our various services include

For your Home
For your Workplace
For your Car

Call us at 0 80 10 10 8000 to book a service!

How do I book a service? How quickly can it be arranged? What are the standard slots in a day?

Booking us is easy! Call us at 0 80 10 10 8000 or click on Book a Service on our website or email us at to book a service.

Our service advisor will understand your requirements and fix a service appointment according to your convenience and availability of slots with us. If required, he or she would also come and physically inspect your premises BEFORE the service is confirmed to ensure a transparent and delightful experience.

We usually have 2 slots in a day (10 am to 2 pm and 3:30 pm to 7:30 pm) for our services. We work on Saturdays and Sundays as well. We would be happy to work according to your convenience as much as possible and schedule your appointment accordingly.

Who will clean/maintain my premises?

A team of trained, professional and uniformed operatives carrying official identifications would clean your premises. A supervisor, who will interact with you, will lead them. These operatives have been provided the highest level of training in cleaning & maintenance and are also educated on softer skills like etiquettes, overall hygiene, awareness on urban living and different floor layouts. They have been police verified and have been selected based on strong and positive references. They also undergo mandatory health check ups regularly in order to ensure their health and well-being.

Are the operatives who come to my premises full time employees of your company?

Yes. The operatives are full time employees of the company and have been selected after strong verifications. They are police verified, insured and undergo health certification regularly.

Is your team verified and trusted?

Our operatives are police verified and handpicked from a pool of experienced and trained manpower and carry strong referrals. They have been trained in basic first aid and emergency situations. They have also been insured adequately and undergo health check-ups regularly to ensure hygiene and safety.

How much time does it take to clean my premises?

The time taken would depend on the nature of the service, number of services opted for and the area and nature of the premises. We take pride in performing an effective deep cleaning activity in less than half the time taken by local unorganized cleaners, owing to our scientific processes and superior training. For example, a 1500 square feet house usually would take approximately 4.5 hours to transform it to a new one through our Homeworx Signature Workout, which is a thorough deep cleaning of your house!

Do I need to do any preparations before your team arrives?

Yes. We would request you to remove valuable and fragile items from the areas where the service is to be carried out. It is also important that if your kitchen is being cleaned/repaired, then food items, vessels, etc. are removed from open areas and placed in cupboards BEFORE the operatives arrive. Similarly, clothes in the bathrooms/bedrooms should be removed and stored appropriately, if applicable to the service that you have chosen.

Also, please instruct the supervisor about anything which is broken or is sensitively placed/set so that they can take precaution while delivering the service.

Do I need to provide anything to your team?

No. The operatives are self-sufficient and carry their own equipment, tools, consumables, etc. that they require to perform the service. They even carry their own drinking water! All this to ensure that you are not bothered about anything during the service.

Do I have to be at my premises while the services are being performed?

No. Our operatives come with strong referrals and are police verified. They have been trained to handle all items with care. We provide you with the convenience of cleaning your premises while you are away. It is however important that you sign our customer form (T&C) prior to our team entering your premises. Please contact our service advisor at 0 80 10 10 8000 for a better understanding of how your home or workplace will be serviced while you are away.

What if I need to reschedule a visit?

We would be happy to accommodate based on our schedule and availability of teams. Please call us at least a day in advance if you wish to reschedule a visit. Help us in making sure we are always on time!

How much does the standard deep cleaning service cost?

Our standard deep cleaning service for homes is called Homeworx Signature Workout. Our services start at an attractive price of Rs.4,999 only. However, since every premises is unique, we base our pricing on factors like the size of your premises, number of rooms, number of bathrooms, number of balconies, current status of the premises, how often you want us to clean your home, pets, etc.

For our better understanding and your convenience, we also provide a pre-cleaning visit for bungalows, villas, farmhouses, large sized apartments, etc. before we execute the service. During the pre-cleaning visit, not only do we provide you the cost of the required services but we also help you get familiar with the process and suggest other services that might benefit you. Only because we want you to spend more time in what makes you happy. And leave the cleaning to us!

Similarly, we would be more than happy to provide you estimates for deep cleaning your workplace with our Officeworx Signature workout or our Car cleaning package – Carworx Signature Workout.

Call us at 0 80 10 10 8000 to know more and fix an appointment.

Can I opt for an annual package?

Yes you can.

Our annual packages are not only attractively priced but also ensure year round care for your premises. We can customize an annual package based on the frequency of service required and the kinds of services needed. Call us at 0 80 10 10 8000 to help us customize a package especially for you!

Can I gift a service package to a friend or a relative?


We think it’s a very thoughtful gift for someone you care. You could gift it on an occasion of a new home celebration, weddings, festivals like Diwali, Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, etc. Or you could gift it your close ones just because you know they would love to see their premises being transformed! What’s more we will surprise them with a special gift from our side as well! How’s that? Call us at 0 80 10 10 8000 to know more about our gift packages.

How can I refer my friends, relatives and neighbors to you? Are there any rewards for providing referrals?

Referring your close ones, friends and relatives has never been so rewarding! There are various ways you could refer them to us and in return get a 10% discount on your next service if your reference avails a service from us. That’s not all, the referred person also gets a 10% discount for his or her first service. Here is how you could refer someone –

  1. Fill up the details of the referrals in the Customer Form after your service is completed.
  2. Click here to provide details online.
  3. Email us the referrals (with their names, addresses, phone numbers and emails) at

How and when shall I pay for the service?

Kindly pay the supervisor the agreed amount after the service is performed and after you have signed the customer form. We currently accept cheque and cash only and provide you a detailed bill along with all regulatory disclosures. We plan on accepting credit/debit cards and shall put up an update on the website as soon as we enable the same.

Before you pay, the supervisor would request you to inspect your premises to ensure you are satisfied with the results. In the unlikely event that you are not happy with a specific area that has been worked on as part of the service chosen, we would do our best to make you completely satisfied. Please note that the activities performed by operatives are according to the inclusions in the service selected by you.

Which cities do you offer your services?

We currently offer services in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Faridabad and Greater Noida, Mumbai and Pune. Watch this space for new additions to the cities!

Can you customize your service based on my requirements?

You can build your own service package by selecting some very thoughtful add-on services that we have. All such add-on services may be viewed on our website or by discussion with the service advisor on 0 80 10 10 8000. Once you select an option the service will be provided at your premises as per the company SOP and guidelines. We urge you not to intervene in the execution of the service as it may compromise the quality that our operatives have been trained to provide.

Do you also clean cupboards, wardrobes, bookshelves, etc. from the inside?

Our standard service packages do not include cleaning of cupboards, wardrobes and bookshelves from the inside. You can however avail of this service at an additional cost. Call our service advisor at 0 80 10 10 8000 and kindly mention your requirement to him/her and we will do our best to address your needs.

What if I don’t want certain items and areas to be cleaned?

We would request you to inform and show the supervisor for the service, the areas and items you would not like to be cleaned. If possible, we would recommend you remove such items and keep it in safe custody while the service is in progress.

I have children/Sr. citizens/pets/kids in the house. Would your service inconvenience them?

Our service is designed in such a way that it does not inconvenience anyone. We use approved chemicals and adopt scientific and practiced processes in our services. We however suggest that pets and children should be restrained from entering the area being serviced since this would obstruct functioning of the operatives and may dilute the quality of service.

Can you remove all kinds of stains? (Applicable for fabric care services only)

Our operatives are trained to perform spot tests that help in identifying stains that can be removed without reacting abnormally to the fabric or the surface. Unfortunately, there are stains that are permanent in nature and cannot be removed. Even if it can be removed, there are possibilities of damaging the surface/material itself in the process.

To know more about stains and stain removal, click here.

What if something breaks or gets damaged during the service being performed?

We treat you and your premises with complete respect. Which is why our operatives have been trained to carefully handle all kinds of fragile products while cleaning a house. However, we would advise you to remove certain items that are of high monetary or personal value or are fragile in nature to avoid an improbable situation of breakage. Please instruct the supervisor if there are any areas or objects that you would NOT like to be cleaned or you believe would require special handling.

Please read this to prevent such breakages to happen.

What is Technical Maintenance Services?

We offer plumbing, electrical and carpentry services to take care of maintenance and breakdowns in your house and workplace all year round through our annual contracts. These service packages ensure that your premises is fully functional and without flaws. All you need to do is call and explain the nature of the problem and our team would be there at a pre-decided time. Now, you don’t have to call 5 friends before finding a reliable technician!

How much does the annual technical maintenance package cost?

Pricing is based on various factors, including size of your premises, current status of premises and quality of existing infrastructure (wiring, condition of plumbing, etc.). We are happy to come over and understand your needs better. This will also provide us an opportunity to inspect your premises and come up with a solution that is optimized for you. Call us at 0 80 10 10 8000 to fix an appointment!