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Moving in Cleaning Services

Moving-in Cleaning Service

Just moved into a house? Moving In Cleaning Service ensures that your only opportunity to clean your house before moving-in is fully utilized and there are no hangovers of the previous occupier!

Our team of professionals will -

  • Clean paint stains, bird deposits, and cobwebs
  • Remove packing materials, wood shavings, carpentry dust, cement deposits, etc.
  • Clean and sanitize all the recently moved and unpacked items
  • Deep clean and sanitize your home so that your moving in becomes a breeze.
  • Optional machine-based scrubbing of your floors to get brand new floors.

Welcome home!

Detailed Service Inclusions

Following areas of the house are covered in the Moving In Services

Living areas (living rooms, dining room, bedrooms, foyers, lobbies, dens, family rooms/TV rooms)
  • False ceilings, Light fixtures, High windows & ventilators, Ceiling fans and ACs (exterior only)
  • Walls (Top to Bottom), Switch boards, Wall Hangings, Mirrors
  • Windows, Window Grills and Wire Meshes
  • Accessible window exteriors
  • Curtains and Window Blinds
  • Lamp Shades
  • Carpets, Entrance Mats & Rugs
  • Sofas & Chairs
  • Floors, Corners and Skirting
  • Doors & Door Handles
  • Electronic Equipment (TVs, DVD Palyers), Telephone & Remotes
  • Bed Head & Under Beds
  • Wadrobes, Side Boards and Utility Closets (Exteriors only)
  • Side Tables, Centre Tables, Dining Table, Display Shelves
  • Bed Making
  • Garbage Disposal
  • False Ceiling, Light Fixtures, High Windows & Ventilators, Ceiling Fans and Exhaust Fans
  • Walls (tiled & non tiled) & Switchboards
  • Doors & Door handles
  • Shower Cabins, Tubs & Jacuzzi
  • Stainless Steel & Chrome Fittings
  • Toilet Bowl, Wash Basin and Counter
  • Mirrors, Cabinets, Spad Dishes & Storage Areas
  • Floors, Corners & Skirting
  • Toiletries
  • Garbage Disposal
  • False Ceiling, Light Fixtures, High Windows & Ventilators, Ceiling Fans, Exhaust Fans Walls (tiled & non tiled) & Switchboards
  • Doors & Door handles
  • Counter Tops
  • Gas Hobs/Burners & Chimney Hoods
  • Sink sand Wash Area
  • All Stainless steel and Chrome Fittings
  • Kitchen Appliances (Refrigerator, Microwave, Toaster, Owen)
  • Storage Cabinets (Exteriors only)
  • Floors, Corners & Skirting
  • Garbage Disposal
Balconies, Driveways & Front/Back Yard
  • Ceiling, light fixtures, ceiling fans
  • Walls (tiled & non tiled) & Switchboards
  • Doors and Door handles
  • Storage Cabinets (Exteriors only)
  • Railings and Grills
  • Floors, Corners & Skirting
  • Garbage Disposal
Please note
  • We perform this service at a stage where the house is ready to be inhabited. In other words, the premises needs to be completely renovated/constructed before this service is used.
You could include add on services to Moving In Service like -
  • Steam based sanitization of your mattresses and sofas
  • Wood Enhancement of your wooden furniture and wood work

Non Inclusions: Removal of stains which are permanent in nature cannot be guaranteed. |Heavy Furniture is not moved as a part of this service package|Insides of Wadrobes, Closed Storages are cleaned & sanitised ONLY if they are empty.|Stains on carpets or upholstery are not removed as part of this service package|Clearing/Arrangement/Sorting of stored items is not a part of this service package.|Exteriors, including but not limited to terraces, gardens, fa├žades, awnings, canopies, driveways, etc are not a part of this service package.|Areas not accessible to the cleaning team (for example, glass windows not reachable because of fixed grills/mesh, exteriors of windows with no balcony access, etc). Fixtures like fans, lights, exhaust fans, etc covered with a lid/cover will not be cleaned from inside.