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Steam Cleaning Services

Steam Cleaning Services

Is green your favorite color? Then try the Chemical Free Steam Cleaning Service that uses high-end steam cleaners to disinfect your house from bacteria and bed bugs. Extremely effective in kitchens, bathrooms and living areas, this is specially preferred by people who have small children, infants or pets in the house or by clients who are environment sensitive. The unique bed sanitization process eliminates bed bugs from your sleeping mattresses and sofas in a jiffy. Sweet dreams!

The Steam Advantage

  • Steam is a natural sanitizer – Most known bacteria are known to die at 85 degrees centigrade. Steam, at more than 100 degrees centigrade, eliminates most mold, spores, germs, viruses, dust mites, fungi and bacteria.
  • Steam Cleaning conserves water and reduces the need for cleaning agents by 80% in this package.
  • Steam Cleaning is an allergy free process
Detailed Inclusions
The Steam Cleaning Service includes:
  • Steam based deep cleaning & sanitization of the washrooms and kitchens
  • Steam based disinfection of all bed mattresses, carpets and rugs
  • Steam based disinfection of all upholstery and curtains
  • Steam based disinfection of all floors, corners and skirting

All balance areas are deep cleaned using our Homeworx Signature Workout process. Additionally, cleaning agents used are Green Seal Certified by USGBC and are environmentally friendly and non- toxic.

You could include add on services to Steam Cleaning Service
  • Sofa shampoo & carpet shampoo
  • Leather sofa Cleaning & conditioning
  • Wooden polishing of your wooden furniture and wood work

Non Inclusions: Paint/crayon/pen/pencil marks, permanent stains on walls, wardrobes, etc are not removed unless they can be removed by the standard inclusion of wiping the above surfaces with the relevant chemicals.|Heavy Furniture is not moved as a part of this service package|Insides of Wadrobes, Closed Storages are not a part of this service package|Stains on carpets or upholstery are not removed as part of this service package|Clearing/Arrangement/Sorting of stored items is not a part of this service package.|Exteriors, including but not limited to terraces, gardens, façades, awnings, canopies, driveways, etc are not a part of this service package.|Areas not accessible to the cleaning team (for example, glass windows not reachable because of fixed grills/mesh, exteriors of windows with no balcony access, etc). Fixtures like fans, lights, exhaust fans, etc covered with a lid/cover will not be cleaned from inside.