Why it worx?

Because we want to delight you!

All about Quality

Time sensitive - We understand the value of your time. Which is why we want to deliver a 100% service in double quick time. How? The list is endless but let us give you an example – We ensure that we have a back up for everything! For example, we keep a back-up of cleaning machines in our service vehicles that are critical for the cleaning process. So if the primary machine were to break down, it wouldn’t mean waiting for another to arrive. Similarly, there are back ups for all chemicals and equipment.

Hygiene conscious - We ensure our operatives are health checked regularly and are trained in personal hygiene. They use professional hand and shoe covers while cleaning your premises and don’t work bare feet.

Minimal water requirement - Our unique cleaning process ensures we use sanitizers for mopping and cleaning surfaces. Which means no water is wasted and your house is effectively sanitized.

Self-sufficient - We want you to sit back and enjoy the experience! Therefore we carry everything we need with us and not bother you with the same. We even carry our own drinking water!

Training first! -Our operatives undergo, what we believe is the most exhaustive training module, before we send them to your premises. They are also trained to understand the concept of modern, urban living and different space layouts. So for example, our operatives would know what to do with clothes lying on the ground!

Safety too! - Our operatives are police verified and handpicked from a pool of experienced, trained and strongly referred manpower. They have also been trained in basic first aid and emergency situations.

Customer understanding - We ensure we have understood your requirements and your premises BEFORE we perform the service. Therefore, no rude surprises!

Our tools

Best in class equipment - Industrial grade vacuum cleaners, steamers, scrubbers, tools, etc. are used for effective and fast service, whether it is cleaning or repair work. These have been carefully chosen, keeping in mind the suitability for domestic and office use. We don’t carry equipment that is not required for your services. Because too many cooks spoil the kitchen!

Environment friendly products – Our cleaning products are food friendly and domestically suited. They are non-toxic* and non-abrasive and they sanitize, disinfect and clean 99.9% of the germs and bacteria. *

Effective dust busters – For our cleaning services, we use high quality micro fiber mops, cloths, washers and dusters to minimize dust agitation and maximize spotless surfaces like glass windows, mirrors, etc.

Products from across the world – Our products have been handpicked from companies across the world in order to have the most effective and quick solution to your problems.

Scientifically researched processes

3-D Cleaning System – This system Deep Cleans, Disinfects and Descales and is based on the principles of cleaning as a science.

Quick and effective - We make every second count. For example, the 3-D Cleaning System ensures a thorough sanitization of your premises in less than half the usual time with minimal manpower inside your premises! Also, operatives carry a fully loaded tool kit for repairs so that no time is wasted due to unavailability of the right tool.

Minimal interference - We try and ensure minimal interference of operatives in your daily life while performing the service.